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4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane
Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern
Durham's Little Green Pig performs Sarah Kane’s last play in the stunning recesses of Fleisher Art Memorial chapel. A writer struggles with revelatory epiphanies over the ministrations of her doctor/lover. “Have you made any plans? / Take an overdose, slash my wrists then hang myself. / All those things together?”
54: All Together Equal
Insomnia Theater
54 is a unique mosaic of monologues, songs, and scenes that focuses on the meaning of equality in the modern era. Conceived, written, and performed by 12 students from Temple University, it is the epitome of theater: a collaborative, creative art that serves a greater good. **Please Note** Show title and content have changed. Show times and dates remain the same
7 Sins in 60 Minutes
AAI Productions
Seven sins. Seven playwrights. Sixty minutes. Conjure the devil within as four characters take you on a high-octane ride through the 7 deadly sins, done 21st century style. A collaboratively created fever dream, 7 Sins in 60 Minutes boasts a playful and provocative mix of comedy, drama, spoken word, and music.
8: Daniele Strawmyre and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko  Live Arts
eight choreographers / eight new works
Experience the ultimate dance-sampler of what’s new and bold. Eight rising Philly choreographers have been commissioned to stage eight major new works for the Festival. Come see their creations in four separate programs: Megan Mazarick and Meg Foley (Program A), Olive Prince and Shavon Norris (Program B), Daniele Strawmyre and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (Program C—see below), Jumatatu Poe and Eun Jung Choi (Program D).
8: Jumatatu Poe and Eun Jung Choi  Live Arts
eight choreographers / eight new works
Experience the ultimate dance-sampler of what’s new and bold. Eight rising Philly choreographers have been commissioned to stage eight major new works for the Festival.
8: Megan Mazarick and Meg Foley  Live Arts
eight choreographers / eight new works
Experience the ultimate dance-sampler of what’s new and bold. Eight rising Philly choreographers have been commissioned to stage eight major new works for the Festival. Come see their creations in four separate programs: Megan Mazarick and Meg Foley (Program A—see below), Olive Prince and Shavon Norris (Program B), Daniele Strawmyre and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (Program C), Jumatatu Poe and Eun Jung Choi (Program D).
8: Olive Prince and Shavon Norris  Live Arts
eight choreographers / eight new works
Experience the ultimate dance-sampler of what’s new and bold. Eight rising Philly choreographers have been commissioned to stage eight major new works for the Festival. Come see their creations in four separate programs: Megan Mazarick and Meg Foley (Program A), Olive Prince and Shavon Norris (Program B—below), Daniele Strawmyre and Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (Program C), Jumatatu Poe and Eun Jung Choi (Program D).
9mm of Love
2 Guys and a Duck Theatre
Hopelessness, a hitman, and the human heart. What more could you want in a love story? This absurd, honest tale explores just how far we’re willing to go when true love comes—whether or not the other person feels the same way.
A Broken World
Xhale Dance Company
The Xhale Dance Company is back for its third showing in the Philly Fringe Festival. The show will feature Michael Susten’s A Broken World (debuted at the Arts Bank 3/17) as well as some of Philadelphia’s most talented dancers, singers, composers, and choreographers! For more information visit or
A Crock of Schnitzel
Barbara Pease Weber
Recipe for A Crock of Schnitzel: one Bavarian busybody, two newlyweds, an antique cuckoo clock, a wormhole, a time warp, and an unplanned pregnancy. Combine on stage while laughing yourself silly! Ach du lieber! Forget your antacids! Savor every morsel of this scrumptious comedy. A taste of Germany in every tidbit!
A Lesson in Dead Language by Adrienne Kennedy
Media Res Theater Company
Seven girls in bloodstained dresses. A dead language studied on imaginary tablets. A classroom commanded by a strict White Dog. Dare to join us for Obie award-winning writer Adrienne Kennedy’s surreal feminist play that’s part theater, part movement, part fantastical. School will never be the same.
A New Shade of Blue
Destiny Productions Theater Ensemble
As a tribute to Billie Holiday, several legendary ladies of jazz, and other contributing artists, Destiny Productions Theater Ensemble offers a stirring performance of singing, acting, and dancing that is sure to entertain, educate, and inspire, while providing nostalgic moments from the Harlem Renaissance.
A Separate Sun
Joseph P. Blake
It is the triumphant story of a woman's struggle to overcome abuse, drugs, and depression through music and song. It stars Barrymore Award winner Joilet Harris. Music is by Emmy Award winner Bill Jolly. The script was written by playwright and journalist Joseph P. Blake.
A Tale of Two Brains
Little Bunny Voodoo
With the zombie apocalypse averted, there is still something rotten in Denmark . . . PA. Two dentally challenged zombies wander the land of the living searching for the meaning of un-life. LBV plagues you with a decay-dent zombie puppet comedy that’s sure to gnaw at your brains!
Eleanor Goudie-Averill and Rain Ross
Come see inversions of reality in the choreography of Ellie Goudie-Averill and Rain Ross, two talented and technical female dancers and choreographers. This show combines sex, social activism, and poetry, creating an ideal experience for the intelligent dance lover as well as those who appreciate pure energetic movement.
Activity Book
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
Directed by improv veteran Rick Horner, cofounder of Philadelphia's Improv Incubator, the large cast of this PHIT group creates playful comedy driven by the cast’s love of one-upmanship, good-natured foolishness, and healthy competition. City Paper got their improv pick right last year when they wrote, “pick Activity Book."
AFOOT!:Northern Liberties
Brothers Cromie
The Brothers Cromie present another foot-based walkabout. With only a map, your wits, and a series of clues, you and your team of 4–6 people must find a pathway through the giant 'game board' that is Northern Liberties. Groups leave every ten minutes, starting at 11am with the last group leaving at 3pm. Prizes and swag for all. Shoes recommended. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
ALL VICTORIOUS OCEAN: a Harrowing and Erotic Tale of a Fierce Tibetan Queen
Joanna Rotté & All Victorious Ocean Company
In ancient Tibet an intrepid young woman, Yeshe Tsogyal, perfected the yogic practices of Himalayan cave dwellers, becoming the first Tibetan to attain enlightenment. Her remarkable story has been retold throughout the centuries. Now, in our time, her legend of fearlessness and compassion comes alive as sacred theater art.
Alternative Theatre Festival
iNtuitons Experimental Theatre
In this third annual one-night mini-festival, the iNtuitons Theatre Company presents five original pieces that engage with the body and the mind, providing unique perspectives on law, gender, and love. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
American Nigga Zoo
Misty Sol and Charly Brownskin
ANZ is good Negro Art US Census classified. Our theatrical menagerie of mostly trained animals will distract you from your own disasters! We've got pygmies, Eskimos, Hottentots, and others on loan from the World's Fairs. Be entertained by the Other's pain. Come be captivated by the captivity of the third world!
An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators
Beverly Dale
With irreverence becoming of a reverend, Rev. Beverly Dale explores the landscape of female sexuality in her one-woman show, An Irreverent Journey from Eggbeaters to Vibrators. From dysfunctional marriages to surprising orgasms, be prepared to laugh at predicaments, cry at reality, and wonder at sacred ecstasy.
An Open Mike
ScamelRock Productions
Enter Mike, a painfully shy vocal talent who through performance, weaves the tale of his complicated and tragic life at an open mic. A life that has until this very moment seized his passion and spirit until finally, Mike is OPEN, vulnerable, raw and ready to be revealed... and revered. **Please Note** All Performances of An Open Mike have been Cancelled.
Angry People Building Things
Angry People Building Things
The Angry People find out what makes you angry and channel your rage and theirs into hilarious improv. They attack the stage with ferocious energy unmatched in the entire history of the known universe. Enraged? Furious? Depressed? Asthmatic? Regardless, Angry People Building Things is a must-see!
The Barking Cat Theatre Company
A dark comedy about four strangers who meet by chance in the hospital room of a dying girl. Coincidence meets conspiracy in this story of life, death, Candyland, and the origin of the word awesome. Find out what happens when doors are locked, motives are exposed, and Twitter goes down.
Ariane/Job's Tears
Thelesis Lodge
Two tales about the healing powers of wine and sex. Job's Tears: A ritual comedy about Jewish Folklore and redemptive seduction. Ariane: Girl saves boy from monster. Boy ditches girl on deserted island. God picks girl up.God convinces girl to switch from whiskey to wine. **Please Note** All performances for Ariane/Job's Tears have been canceled.
As Big As The World
Keila Cordova Dances
A basket of fruit. Crashing silverware. Four women come together for a party in this deconstruction voicing the silenced, unspoken, truthful aspects of the human heart. Keila Cordova Dances presents As Big As The World in a series of Philadelphia premieres including In REM, Chavela, and other works.
Bang on a Can Marathon: Philadelphia  Live Arts
Bang on a Can
Ten hours of nonstop music at the World Café Live. Buy one ticket and come and go all day long to this glorious collision of musical styles by today's most adventurous players and composers—from around the globe and around the corner. As artistically inclusive as it is audience-friendly, the Marathon is a wild gathering of genres, styles, innovation, and radically new sounds, delivered as one open mega-concert.
Bang! Zoom! Pow! A Story of Broken Borders
Tiffany Brooke Dow
When forced to comply in a toxic environment, well-being suffers. An identity-questioning experience, life becomes a fight to prove your goodness. In this contemporary jazz and hip hop combo, you will be exposed to women in a negative web each trying to gain control of the situation and themselves.
Bare Hug Sketch Comedy Show
Bare Hug
Have you had it up to here with your kids? Bare Hug definitely cannot help you with that—however, we will make you laugh. Bare Hug is a Philly sketch comedy group and our show is going to be exhilarating. Check us out at
Best of Philly Music: Frame By Frame
GGM Productions & RDStudios
RDStudios & GGM Productions with Double V Booking bring you Philly music at its finest at Club Risque on 9/10. These bands are gonna tear up the national scene soon, so we are making a movie to document the night so you can revisit the show over and over again!
Best of POP! Sketch Comedy for the Gifted
TAP: Traverse Arts Project
From Gaga to Oprah, no pop icon is safe from our comedic jabs! Fifteen Philly actors take a satirical look at all things pop culture and mirror our collective human buffoonery. Live sketch comedy, spectacular costumes and original videos included. Directed by Mark A. Dahl. So sexual!
Between Trains
Gas & Electric Arts
What if you woke up naked in a train station, someplace yet nowhere, on the edge between waiting and anticipation, goodbyes and opportunity? Welcome to the Bardo. Join our ensemble of fiercely physical performers as they guide you through the multi-sensory realms of possibility in this world premiere musical travelogue.
Black and Blue Every 9:secs
Persona Zenobia Dance Ensemble
Black and Blue Every 9:secs is a captivating celebration of femininity through dance, spoken word, monologues, and song, accompanied by the release of the novel Black and Blue Every Nine Seconds that inspired the signature piece. **Please Note** All performances for Black and Blue Every 9:secs have been cancelled.
Boat Hole: another evening of outrageous short comedies by Josh McIlvain
SmokeyScout Productions
Brings together 15 of Josh McIlvain’s funniest and most popular short plays as well as world premieres. Starring some of Philly’s best comedic actors, expect smart, edgy, and completely outrageous humor. And a sleazy clown in the lobby. “A very worthwhile show . . . they were all great!” ( To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Cankerblossom  Live Arts
Pig Iron Theatre Company
Welcome to a dark fairy tale for kids aged 9 to 90. It begins, as so many of these stories do, with a knock at the door. A young couple discovers a cardboard baby on their stoop. They grow to love the child, who is completely flat, as their own. Then someone or some thing takes away the baby to the Flat World, a planar landscape populated by characters whimsical, sinister, and flat as pancakes.
Telephone Bronco
This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. On stage. Or on paper. This is your brain on New Zealand Mean Time. Your brain on longitude. Your brain off. Isn’t this your brain? I swear it looks just like you. And haven't I seen you around here before?
Casual World/Intimate Heart
ANJ Granieri
One of the youngest composers for The Oprah Show, Anj Granieri showcases her musical talents in Casual World; Intimate Heart, an autobiographical hybrid piece that wraps poetry, drama, visuals, and personal storytelling around the performance of several songs on a baby grand piano. Experience the music.
Cecily and Gwendolyn's Paranomal and Quantum Entanglement
The Philadelphia Joke Initiative
Cecily and Gwendolyn are two slightly mad Victorian time travelers created by Karen Getz and Kelly Jennings. In this completely improvised, two-person, audience-interactive extravaganza, these self-proclaimed social anthropologists will indulge their side hobby of correcting the course of human history through the use of paranormal activities and quantum entanglement.
Cédric Andrieux  Live Arts
Jérôme Bel
Whether you’ve danced professionally, taken a dance class, or frankly worked any job in your life, you can’t help but empathize with the gloriously unglamorous details of the everyday existence of a dancer.
Celebrating the Beginning.... Finding the Purpose!
Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble
Join Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble as we celebrate our 5th anniversary season. Celebrate the beginning by enjoying past repertoire favorites from Zane Booker, Bill Thomas, artistic director A. C. Gilmore, and resident choreographer Shawn Lamere Williams. Find the purpose as we premiere new choreographic work by 2010 guest choreographer Meredith Rainey.
Changing Places  Live Arts
COSACOSA art at large, Inc.
Change happens. The universe inclines to chaos. In a world where random acts of chance obstruct our force of will, how can we sustain our power and purpose? Choreographer Adaobi Kanu explores individual and communal transformation through movement, images, and stories collected from residents of ten very different Philadelphia neighborhoods.
Cheap Guy HOF, Class of 2010
Hella Fresh Theatre
Allergic to condoms? Discharge firearms in a public space? Robert E. Lee is a patriot? Hate gays until you’re drunk? Dying words, "Go Raiders"? Cheeeeeeap guy! Come see the series of short plays commissioned for the coronation of the Cheap Guy Hall of Fame, Class of 2010. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
CHICKEN  Live Arts
Charlotte Ford
Turning the other cheek can be a very bad idea. Deep beneath the icy swells, a nuclear powered submarine carries three imbeciles in charge of a highly classified mission. A buzz-cut she-beast, a Casper Milquetoast somnambulist cross-dresser, and a passive-aggressive Elvis devotee vie for bunk beds, safety goggles, and poopie suits.
Sisters' Sirens
Come join Philly's newest burlesque troupe Sisters' Sirens as they become a part of the Fringe family. Their show Chrysalis mixes burlesque, trance music, film, and aerial work You won't wanna miss. Ages 21 and over.
ConNEXTions: The Next Generation of Opera presents LOVE/HATE
Center City Opera Theater
Center City Opera Theater presents ConNEXTions, a program featuring world premiere workshops of 21st century operas by American composers and librettists. These performances are semi-staged presentations of works-in-progress with opportunities for audience feedback and interaction with the composer and librettist.
Movement Brigade
All performances are FREE, however reservations are required! For reservations, visit .
Alexis Clements
Imagine you could have a perfect conversation every time, getting exactly what you want from the other person. Katharine, the main character in this show, has a theory she thinks will help you do just that. Free wine, snacks, and conversation after the show, so you can test her theory. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Cosmic Terrarium / Motion Painting Project  Live Arts
Sean Stoops and the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
A live outdoor mural painting unfolds in Northern Liberties over two weeks of the Festival. In Cosmic Terrarium, four artists transform a vacant weedinfested lot across from the Festival Box Office into a visual spectacle, using paint and found objects. The mural installation evolves daily as the artists visually riff off one another, responding to the work from the day before, to transform the site.
Cuddle Magic
Cuddle Magic & Philadelphia's Magic Gardens
Cuddle Magic performs acoustic avant-pop songs with rhythmic sophistication and a lush instrumental palette. This special performance will weave visual projections and choreography around the band's quirky compositions to take full advantage of the Magic Gardens' singular and beautiful outdoor space.
Dance  Live Arts
Lucinda Childs with music by Philip Glass and film by Sol LeWitt
Three masters of minimalism, choreographer Lucinda Childs, composer Philip Glass, and conceptual artist Sol LeWitt, collaborated to construct this seminal work of dance—one of the purest examples of interdisciplinary art-making ever created. An exploration of musical movement, rhythm, and harmony, Dance is a bold statement on the very nature of movement.
Dead Air: The Final Broadcast of the Zombie Apocalypse
Dawson Street Dramatic Society
In 1938, Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre brought the terror of the Martian invasion into living rooms across the nation. Today, as the dead reanimate and society crumbles, we bring humanity's final words from the infinite space of radio. There is no hope. This is Dead Air.
Decadere  Live Arts
BoánDanz Action Company
It's an abandoned place, where abandoned people meet. They come wearing half underwear, half office clothes. They are trying to recreate the routines of their former lives—their work, their culture, their food, their speech, their dancing. They are being watched. They are speaking out on the microphone—where they become stars, where they reveal secrets, maybe sing a song.
Decasia  Live Arts
Bill Morrison
Bill Morrison's Decasia was created from his discovery of a trove of old, decaying film stock. Scored by Michael Gordon of Bang on a Can, the movie is an expressionist collage of past images—of dreams, romance, drama, exotic locales and mythic cinema—that have become subverted by the striking visual consequences of the decomposing film: melting, rusted, warped, disintegrating.
Destination Summer
ETC Theater
School’s out in ETC’s latest comedy. When a group of rowdy high schoolers hit the beach, teenage hijinks ensue, as they get a crash course in the birds, the bees, and bikinis. Summer’s the destination for this coming-of-age musical. Written by Todd Cardin, directed by Emily Cardin.
Dinner With The Leos
The Ruckus Players
Welcome to Dinner with the Leos, where love, betrayal, and not-so-normal family secrets are served on a silver platter, a delicious dish of comedy that can be devoured in a single sitting. It goes without saying that family supper has never been THIS dysfunctional!
Dirty Dozen
the Field/ Philadelphia
12 Artists/ 5 Cities/ 2 Shows featuring dance, music, and hybrid performance works like you've never seen before by Field artists from DC, NY, NJ, Miami, and Philly. The Dirty Dozen will knock your socks off and get your feet in the dirt where art grows. Art grows here.
Dirty Laundry
Secret Room Theatre
Five seam-splitting short comedies that skip the gentle cycle, all by Philadelphia area playwrights. We’ve got sock puppets, passive aggressive t-shirts, a laundromat musical, and much more in our laundry basket. From the producers behind 4Play, 4X4, 13 Lemonade Ave., SKITSoid and LURE. Come clean. Leave dirty.
Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead
Second Sight Theatre Company
Dog Sees God depicts teenage versions of Charles Schulz’s iconic characters as they deal with the death of CB’s beagle, drug use, teen suicide, and sexual identity. Bert V. Royal's "unauthorized parody" became one of the breakout successes of the New York International Fringe Festival and an Off Broadway hit.
Tribe of Fools
Brain fever, nightmare, shadows, and madness saturate this dynamic new look at Dracula. By using scientific methods designed to stimulate fear in the human brain, this original adaptation kicks you into the swallowing abyss of terror. Audience members must sign a waiver to participate. For more information, visit
Droit du Seigneur
Commonwealth Classic Theatre Company
Droit du Seigneur is a black comedy about red wine and its fashionable status as a symbol of privilege and power. Two young lords of Wall Street celebrate bonus day with a night out and learn that sometimes, getting everything they want can mean getting nothing they need.
Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?
Butros and Bels Theatrical Emporium
Guy would do anything for Sam. Sam would just do anything. This is the story of one man's love affair with his country and how the blindness of love can go horribly wrong. Caryl Churchill's controversial play receives its Philadelphia premiere.
Dysfictional Circumstances
Madhouse Theater Company
Leni Riefenstahl made some of the greatest propaganda of all time. But with the war nearly over, she must defend her Nazi past and keep her sanity. Join Riefenstahl and a mysterious soldier on a darkly hilarious romp through the Austrian countryside as they journey on the twisted road to Dachau.
Edgar Allan Poe Comes Alive!
Traveling Jones Theater
In this spellbinding play, Edgar Allan Poe comes back to life to chat humorously with the audience and present eight of his classic poems and short stories, including riveting performances of The Raven, Annabel Lee, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Masque of the Red Death, and more.
Kelly Bond
We won't ignore you. We have a relationship. We are powerful. Sentimental. We transgress, practicing and perceiving aggression. We are you, and we are alien with all the potential to connect. Cryptic, valuable, subtle. Unaware of what is forgotten, we are patient and pliable. We are elephants, huge and hidden.
There are numerous examples of emergence in nature. A flock of birds moving effortlessly as one or a school of fish moving together as though unified in a single thought. For dance, movement is orchestrated by underlying choreography. But what if structure is developed as a group with no single leader?
Esther's Cavalcade of Stars
Esther's Cavalcade of Stars
Come join Esther’s Cavalcade of Stars in turning back the clock to an era of vaudevillian exuberance. Legs, lights, and modern dance grace the stage for your theater going pleasure. The variety show isn’t dead, folks! It was simply taking an extended powder.
ettyplay inc
Directed by Austin Pendleton "If I should not survive, how I die will show me who I really am.” Etty Hillesum offers a new form of resistance, engaging with the horror of the Holocaust rather than shrinking from it as she refuses to lose what she loves—her writing, sensuality, and wry humor.
Rev9 Dance and Performance Company
Twenty performing artists bring Andy Warhol’s Factory to life through a cutting edge production combining dance, acrobatics, aerial work, and multimedia. Watch Warhol’s world of art, sex, and glamour unfold in this compelling glimpse into an artistic movement that influenced generations to come.
Felon Fiercely: Live at the Apocalypse
Felon Fiercely
Screw 2012! The world's ending tonight! But before it does, John Felon and Joe Fiercely would like to serenade you into oblivion. Join this musical comedy act as they usher in the end of days. One way or another, their music will be the last thing you hear. Mature audiences.
Festival Plus  Live Arts
Dance by Lucinda Childs
Through a film series, lecture, moderated discussion, and a master class, Festival Plus programming for Dance offers audiences a deeper insight into the artist and her work.
First Love by Samuel Beckett  Live Arts
Gare St Lazare Players / Conor Lovett
A young man, expelled from the family home, takes refuge on a bench by a canal. There he meets a woman who takes him home. She is his first—perhaps only—love and a major hindrance to his desire to rid himself of contact with others. Conor Lovett's solo performance of Samuel Beckett’s First Love is a masterpiece of tragicomedy, featuring the bone-dry humor of a character besieged with a clutter of emotions.
Yes! And...'s SHADOW Company
A flashmob performance: What happens when a spontaneous celebration suddenly turns violent? See high school artists' reactions as they take a provocative look at recent events. Multiple-media, movement, and storytelling tell the tale of what happens when people mob and what misconceptions drive public panic. Presented by Yes! And...'s Shadow Company.
Flat Intersections
Briel Driscoll, Colleen McNally, Nikki Roberts, and Tess Stumpf
Exploring in exploration. Auditory collaboration. Natural pathways. Avoided mentality. Survival. Spaces of body. Between body. Around body. Confusing sensation. Mental process and physical experience. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
Fletcher are the freshest and most talented improvisers to hit Philadelphia since Rare Bird Show. Last year's Fringe performances by were described as “dark comedy” by City Paper, who also warned: “You'll be laughing too hard to realize how wrong it all is, until you leave the theater." **Please Note** Date and times for Fletcher have changed.
New Paradise Laboratories & The Riot Group
I conquered my dreams! – John Wilkes Booth A fierce, undead tension animates the American frontier: the struggle between the freedom of the individual and the question of who or what belongs in the club. FREEDOM CLUB is a savage comedy about the delirium and danger in American extremism, a hallucination on national themes.
Fresh Juice
Mascher Dance
Sip on this. Mascher Space artists-in-residence aren't afraid to make a splash! They'll serenade you with thoughtful, courageous, and innovative dance. Bring your favorite fruit and we'll squeeze it for your anxious taste buds.
From the Inside [OUT]
Between Movement Contemporay Dance Company
Between Movement began its mission to present cutting-edge movement art, while bringing to the foreground controversial contemporary social issues. Every dance explores new dimensions of our diverse human struggles. But amidst the chaos, Between Movement bravely carves their own paths, yearning to reclaim our country, our futures, ourselves. Be moved.
Fugue State
Depravity Productions
This fractured love story swirls around two characters lost in a mess of delusional memories and shattered lives. Fugue State is a play that revolves around relationships, the people involved in them, and the consequences inherent when trying to trust someone.
I am woman. Milk, water, womb, vagina I will even when you say I won't I can, even when you say I can't I give milk, when you are dry Milk, water, womb, vagina. Woman.
Goose Feathers: Nursery Rhymes for kids over 18!
Esteemed photographer Alan Kolc and Burlesque & Butoh’s love-child, choreographer Rob Davidson (“His perky tutu and nipple rings did the trick,”New York Times), team for this sensual exhibition/performance. Kolc and KineticArchitecture use beloved rhymes to explore identity, acceptance, and snack time! To read blog articlse about this show, click here.
Gravity Theater
InMovement Dance, Green Chair Dance Group, Amanda Varone
An intimate space transformed to question the principles of gravity through the eyes of multiple artists. Dance, gymnastics, acroyoga, theater, film, and music will all be incorporated into this kinetic performance. Enter the world of Gravity Theater for your own up close physical experience.
Greetings from New Jersey! A comedy about growing up and living in the great "Garden State!"
The Second Place Champions
Come see the Second Place Champions take on the state of New Jersey. Guidos, the economy, the mafia—nothing is safe from this sketch and improv comedy troupe. Join us for a night of laughs and in some cases, harsh realities. Just kidding, only laughs this night.
Groundhog Hour
One Man Sideshow
Inspired by the classic Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, David Smith explores the repetition of a performer's life. With anecdotes and routines from his years as a juggler and circus performer, Dave shares what he has learned from doing the same 60-minute show over and over again.
habitat (de)fragmentation
COH eNsemble:Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Performance Group
A collage of seven physical poems that investigate spaces that divide and connect. Four women highly influenced by a psyche we share with nature launch the viewer into a holographic transformative journey using choice substances—darkness, dance, declaration, impression, and light—and reclaiming the rites formerly known as passage.
Hear Again Radio Project
Plays & Players
An exciting evening of vintage old time radio dramas performed live, complete with Foley sound effects, original music, 40's costumes, and authentic commercials. Look for our special crossover events with Super Heroes Who Are Super! The Hear Again Radio Project—because things are so much nicer when you're here again.
Hello from the Children of Planet Earth
In this love letter to the cosmos, two NASA scientists fall in love as an astronaut and his wife slowly drift apart. Meanwhile, two dudes float aimlessly in the vast emptiness of interstellar space, reminding us that even when the universe looks terrifyingly infinite, we are never truly alone. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
High Dramma: Low Commedy
High Dramma
High Dramma kicks off its third season of sketch comedy with its Philly Fringe show High Dramma: Low Commedy. We’re all about contrasts in this group, and adding superfluous m's to the titles of things, so come out to the Walking Fish and enjoy our unique brand of highminded vulgarity.
House Arrest/Watergate the Musical
Kevin Ginsberg
What would you do if society expected effort from you? If you were Mark Plough you’d find a way to get put under house arrest. Problem solved! Among several poor decisions, Mark commits to writing Watergate the Musical. A musical that we’ll have the pleasure of witnessing.
How does the World’s Largest Arts Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Work?
World Festival Network
Ever wondered how to take your show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe? World Festival Network and Dr. Batchelder (a 14-year veteran manager and producer at the Fringe and a scholar and researcher of the Fringe phenomenon) present a workshop on taking your performing arts or visual arts show to Edinburgh.
How to Solve a Bear
The Groundswell Players
Can you teach a bear to shit in the woods? Can you bend the spirit of a beast to make it match the will of man? Watch as two bickering park rangers, a hippie mystic, and a sociopathic bounty hunter learn what it means to grab a bear by the horns. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
...i learned not to kneel... and other advice from brilliant women
MegLouise Dance
. . . vibrantly saturated movement delivered through intimate channels with heartfelt honesty . . . dancers bend time and space as tremors ripple from their necks into their thighs, as they race like skipping stones across the stage . . . delicious, bold, and personal. fueled by the writings of ntozake shange, mary oliver, and anne sexton . . To read blog articles about this show, click here.
I saved this for you
Colleen Hooper and Liz Reynolds
The evening begins with a dance performance on the sidewalk and then travels into the theater. This transition highlights the contrast between open outdoor space and protected, personal space. Inside, the work explores displacement, concepts of home, and what it means to create a place for yourself in the world.
Improv Comedy: The N Crowd
The N Crowd
You know them. The N Crowd. For five years they’ve been doing short form, the mainstream, accessible, safe kind of improv comedy you see on television. Only they make it more unconventional, surprising, and dangerous. You have to learn the rules to break them, right? Come break something.
In Constant Perfection
Intuititive Transformations
List 100 things you love. Those things inspired this collectively created performance. Honest, fun, and vulnerable, this interactive show demands joy and makes love with dance, original and live music, improv, and audio/video installations. This tight ensemble creates an invocation in riveting form that exposes something happy and awesome.
In Honor Of. . . .
The Jessica Karrat Dance Scholarship Fund
The seventh annual Jam for Jess dance performance will honor dancers who have passed away or have survived a serious illness. The show will raise money to help dancers continue their dance education and follow their dream. We will have performances ranging from ballet to hip hop.
In White Rooms
Vada Dance Collective
Experience modern dance, live music, and art at Studio 34 with Vada Dance’s engaging In White Rooms. Choreographers Rebecca Moyer and Katie Kasari collaborate with local artists to create a one-of-a-kind dance performance that blends powerful imagery, stunning physicality, and mixed media in an intimate and vibrant setting.
Grounded Aerial
A visceral play, dance concert, and aerial spectacle! The audience will catapult into our whirlwind fantasyland of flying wasps, fireflies, and a towering praying mantis. As we interact and perform among you, there is surprise and depth in this raw yet sensual love story. To read blog articles about this show, click here. **Please Note** Times for Insectinside have changed.
Theatre Exile
Iron goes behind the prison bars to find Fay and Josie, a mother and daughter struggling to reconnect 15 years after a brutal murder. The spellbinding Catherine Slusar stars in this taut mystery about how we condemn ourselves to a life sentence of isolation with literal bars and figurative walls.
Japan House/Philadelphia
Leah Stein Dance Company
Leah Stein and percussionist Toshi Makihara take you on a dance journey through the 17th century Shofuso Japanese House and Garden in Fairmount Park. Follow the American and Japanese dancers as they incorporate the site and its Senju paintings into choreography that expresses cultural synergies through movement and sound. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Jester's Dead
The Outfit
Top Gun and Shakespeare? Thou speak'st aright. New York based ensemble The Outfit re-imagines the classic 80s flick in a theatrical parody packed with swordfights, songs, and text from every play in Shakespeare’s canon. In this adrenaline-fueled mashup, we’re going straight to the danger zone.
Joint Concert
Dancefusion & 360 Dance Company
Dancefusion, celebrating 23 years of dance, will feature the reconstruction of Pauline Koner's legendary solo The Farewell by Janet Pilla to Gustav Mahler's The Song of the Earth.
Jolie Laide Project Space
Jolie Laide Gallery
The Project Space at Jolie Laide, a new contemporary art gallery in Center City, features rotating installations with video & performance art from social myth-buster Jacolby Satterwhite, anthropomorphic installations by Fabienne Lasserre, and a landscape of repurposed automobiles by Jordan Griska. Live performance by Jacolby Satterwhite (pictured) on Saturday, Sept.4th @ 8–10pm.
Journey to the West - Reinterpreting Tradition Series  Live Arts
Danny Yung
From China's preeminent experimental theater artist come three ruminations on the experiences of Chinese artists visiting the West. Mixing conversation, live demonstration, and video, Danny Yung reflects on the significant Chinese opera artists who have traveled to the West, how these visits influence the development of the performing arts, and how they have inspired Danny’s recent theater works.
Journeys of the Wolf
Christine Campbell
Before the time of science, wisdom was spoken in the voices of nature. From that time comes Journeys of the Wolf, a contemporary offering of an age-old storytelling tradition. Drumming, singing, and narration coupled with soaring progressive music create a tapestry that weaves ancient truths into our contemporary world.
Parade Ground Unit
Fusing together three short modernist masterworks—Samuel Beckett's Eh Joe, Gertrude Stein's Counting Her Dresses, and Bertolt Brecht's The Jewish Wife—Parade Ground Unit conjures the phantoms of a marriage cannibalized by history in this kaleidoscopic séance of 20th century drama. A harrowing archaeology of privilege, possession, and passion.
Kid Out of Nowhere
Act Normal Theatre Company
The baby isn't lost—two gay guys stole it. Successful gay urbanites Jack and Sasha battle their married friends Richard and Vivian over designer kitchens, bi-curious coatroom sex, and other domestic conquests. A world premiere comedy about getting what you want—and not wanting it anymore.
King Friday
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
The same cast that brought you last year's Fringe hit 3 Mad Rituals returns for a second outing, this time as a PHIT group. Performing the legendary improv format created by Del Close, King Friday will take you to the land of make believe for a night of laughs. **Please Note** Date and times for King Friday have changed.
King of Ghosts
Mark T Evans, Zac Kline, & Eric Kubo
Philadelphia, summer 1995. A drug dealer, Sam Eric, accidentally kills a 12-year-old girl, and his plans to quit dealing, get married, and leave town come to a crashing halt. A fast-paced new musical theater piece driven by mid-90s rap and indie rock.
Lucidity Suitcase Intercontinental
In a small Colombian village, Polonio Castro, a poor coffee farmer, is hooked on telenovelas (Latin American soap operas) when civil war and daily lottery losses force him to flee to the big city. He arrives in Bogotá with his potted plant and the dream of becoming a telenovela star; but instead finds a job as a doorman in a high-rise apartment building.
L'Heure Exquise: The Exquisite Hour
Cory O'Niell Walker
As mutual trust grows, a psychotherapist becomes overwhelmed by her patients’ delusional world, where mental illness distorts the reality of their relationship. The Exquisite Hour explores the experience of an institutionalized man with severe psychosis in a pastiche of songs by Gabriel Faure.
L. Subramaniam In Concert
SRUTI The India Music and Dance Society
Enjoy an evening of virtuoso violin from a master of improvisation in the tradition of Indian classical music by acclaimed violinist, composer, and conductor L. Subramaniam. Subramaniam is renowned for his compositions in orchestral fusion and collaborations with both jazz and western classical artists like Yehudi Menuhin and Herbie Hancock.
Let Go of the Ego
charm/strange experience
The charm/strange experience blends music and art to create a moving journey about living in harmony, moment to moment. Live piano and projected drawings rhythmically vibrate on a cosmic odyssey exploring underwater, outer space, and deep within. A dazzling multisensory experience.
Let's Face It! Self Portraits & Life Stories
Linda Dubin Garfield
Dive into piles of art supplies while meeting interesting people on the same mission as you: to create your self-portrait and your personal history. It can be a gift to yourself, or you can have them included in the ongoing collection. Interactive mixed media workshops: September 12 & 15: 2–4 pm. Make your own self-portrait.
Life . . . thus far
Life...thus far. A series of effervescent movement through the stages of life, from birth and infancy through geriatrics and death. Involves an exploration of the ups and downs, the good times and the bad, the struggles and the miracles that life presents to us.
Life is A Dream
Philadelphia Artists' Collective
Philadelphia’s exciting new theater company, dedicated to the rarely seen gems of classical theater, presents a special one night event! Be a part of this raucous, thrilling evening including live music, food, and drink to celebrate this classic from the Spanish golden age. Order in advance, seating is limited! Staged Reading from 7 to 9 - Fiesta to follow. **Please Note** This show is NOT wheelchair accessible.
Love & Cruelty: Sarah Kane in the Raw (Phaedra's Love)
Parallax Theatre Company
**Please Note** All performances for Love & Cruelty: Sarah Kane In the Raw have been canceled 4.48 Psychosis is also being presented by Little Green Pigs during the Philly Fringe. Go here for details or to reserve tickets :
Haha Productions
This intelligent, moving, and humorous new play presents a diverse collection of coming-out stories, both the big ones with family and friends and the smaller ones made daily with each new stranger encountered. This Philadelphia premiere examines the ideals of faith, hope, and love during these moments of intense honesty.
Lunch Lady Tarot
Red Square Theatre
By day, she serves lunch at a Brooklyn public school. "I love working with kids, but they can be little pricks sometimes." By night, she shares her second sight, giving hair-raising tarot readings. No one's ever told Lunch Lady that she doesn't have to express EVERY thought! Adult audiences.
Lynch Quietly
Represented Theatre Company
Set in a hospital haunted by the ghosts of a lynch mob, this piece utilizes folklore and oral histories to confront the legacy of one America's darkest secrets. Teaming with choreographer Charles Tyson, Lynch Quietly blends movement, video, historical text, and fictional characters in a surreal and sobering theatrical experience. **Please Note** Dates and times for Lynch Quietly have been changed.
Armando Batista
What does it mean to be a Latin man in America? Come see The Fool as he discovers the many faces of machismo. This is a show where audience is as much a subject as the performer—like a mirror.
m@& - Improv Comedy
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
What happens when you have to create a live, unscripted comedy show and your only help is someone who's never even seen improv before? m@& (pronounced "matt and") stars Matt Holmes (Rare Bird Show, Philly Improv Theater) and an unwitting stranger pulled from the audience. Me + You = Comedy. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Main Line-O-Mania!
The Real Housewives of Philadelphia
Backstabbing. Gold-digging. Random charity fundraisers. The Real Housewives of Philadelphia has all the familiar drama of your favorite cable reality show. Thrill as an entire episode is improvised before your very eyes!
Man Bites Dog
Louis DeVaughn Nelson
Sensationalism in the media is a result of cultural evolution around the globe. Technology bombards us with hidden messages through advertising, journalism, and entertainment, striking us with an overbearing sensory overload. Man Bites Dog is a new multidisciplinary satire by artist Louis DeVaughn Nelson exploring these issues.
Man of Mystery
Fred Siegel
Through memories of ape girls and sideshows, dreams of doppelgangers and psychic omelets, and prestidigitation with money, fruit, and Svengali cards, performance artist and magician Fred Siegel chronicles his transformation into a man of mystery. A funny, unforgettable evening in the spectacular Philadelphia's Magic Gardens on South Street.
Marisol (by Jose Rivera)
Hope Street Theater Group
Pre-apocalyptic New York City sets the stage for urban chaos, paranoid fear, and an angelic revolt against an old and senile god who is prepared to take the rest of the world down with him. Jose Rivera's Marisol takes on the fight for social justice and hope against a seemingly hopeless wasteland. ***Please Note*** New Venue
Marx in Soho
Iron Age Theatre
After more than 180 performances across the nation, Bob Weick as Karl Marx returns to Philadelphia to clear his name and celebrate the memory of the late Howard Zinn. Marx launches into a passionate, funny, and moving defense of his life and political ideas. Be inspired and make a change. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Pink Hair Affair
Pink Hair Affair presents three delicious evenings inspired by the fusion of dance and other art mediums. Enjoy with an eclectic artistic appetite as the choreographers blend their talents with painters, graphic designers, musicians, and actors to cook up fresh entrées in Philadelphia’s melting pot of creativity.
Mindless Drivel
A commentary on the human condition blending comedy, drama, music and interpretive movement. Expect shock, laughter, possibly tears, and utter chaos as you are transported from the African desert, to a psychiatrist’s chair, and everywhere in between. A non-traditional performance, which crushes the perceived fourth wall.
More Better Life
David Morley Barrett
George is an immigrant who has moved to the US to find his lost love. Join Liam, Gus, the Beggar, Irina, Ivan, Alexis, and more on his absurd journey to find meaning in this life and experience this world through new eyes. Directed by Shane Johnson.
Artistry Dance Company & coEXISTdance
NEWances: Small, essential particles of detail. Dispersed! Beautiful intricacies bounce amongst coEXISTdance and Artistry Dance Company as they soar into the Philadelphia dance scene. NEWances twists and teeters along themes of change and the influence of time, past and present. Glance. Snap. Slide. Peel. Come discover.
No One Else Could Love You More  Live Arts
Directed by Byron Karabatsos
Advance screening followed by a discussion with Headlong Dance Theater This documentary film follows the making of Headlong Dance Theater’s more., which debuted at the 2009 Live Arts Festival. Provoked by in-depth conversations with renowned choreographer Tere O’Connor, Headlong Dance Theater uprooted their 15-year collaborative process to create more., their most intimate work-to-date.
No-Talent Hacks
Off-Color Theatre Company
Meredith Casey, an award-winning actress, is determined to make her next script a masterpiece, so she hires three desperate writers and locks them in her secluded country estate. These No-Talent Hacks get caught in a hilarious fiasco of lies, sex, and murder they can’t write themselves out of.
Now Showing: In Real to Reel Live Action 3-D!
Casaburdan Productions
A movie theater is where magic happens, and behind the concession stand is where you'll find the real drama! Now Showing is an uproarious comedy about the staff of a run down movie theater. This multimedia cinema experience is complete with zany trailers, ridiculous characters, and jaw-dropping musical numbers.
Kim Portis
Pastforward puts you right in the middle of a high school reunion in all its awkward glory. Come for the party and stay to watch the humor, grace, and honesty of Kim Portis's choreography in this dance theater piece made for geeks and prom queens and alike. ***Please Note*** All performances for Pastforward have been canceled
Phase II
Dangerous and Movin' Dance Company
dAm, a Philadelphia-based contemporary dance company, is back with the premiere of Phase II. Humans are quite the destructive kind, and like glass, once cracked they will eventually break. Your security has been breached, and the quarantine has begun. Now, initiate Phase II.
Philly Song Shuffle
Xtreme Folk Scene
Three plus hours of fast, dirty fun involving 4 minute sets, 4 second set changes, 50 artists on one stage, and a Philly-sized dose of complete mayhem. City Paper described its 2003 debut as "an excellent idea that should become a regular event." The first and only live song shuffle anywhere!
PHIT's Improv "Tasting"
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
, Parks & Recreation, or 30 Rock, you’ve probably asked, "What’s this improv all about, anyway?" Get answers by seeing the best Philly has to offer with a mini-fest of top local acts. Each night is a different show, check PHIT’s website for details. **Please Note** Dates and times for this show have changed.
PHIT's Side of Sketch
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
Philly is home to one of the nation’s largest sketch comedy scenes and PHIT is at its heart. The theater is excited to present one-night-only performances of recent hit shows you might have missed. Time to get caught up! Performances vary, check our website for details on each date.
Picking Up Pieces
Abby Shunskis
We're exploring the moment when you're facing the next step, reliving the journey, and asking what's next. We take pieces of our lives, good and bad, and see how they fit as we learn to accept inevitable changes. Never losing who we were, but adding to who we will be.
Polaroid Stories
The University of The Arts Theater Department
Inspired by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Polaroid Stories is a story slam at the fringe of a heartless city, home to a crew of punks, freaks, and runaways. Caught in an urban labyrinth, nine jive-talking desperadoes battle and bare their shattered souls in the diamond-hard poetry of the street.
Applied Mechanics
It's an invasion. Performers carrying suitcases swarm the space and begin to unpack. Settlers or conquerors? Squatters or guests? You decide, as stories of displacement and danger literally unfold around you. Taking over a different venue each night, Portmanteau is a Pandora’s box, a rabbit pulled out of a hat.
Potential is Not Reality
Rita Lynn and the Found Objects
What’s in the box? These things are not what they seem. Nurses, teachers, students, salesmen, musicians, and artists creating a common reality of expressive performance art. Five shows, 200 boxes made from everyday objects, movement, sculpture, improvisation, sound, silence, an element of surprise. All ticket holders take home a box.
Bright Light Theatre Company
Journey to the end of the world. A society of survivors desperately searches to discover the answers buried beneath their own skin. Travel to the heart of consciousness inside post-cataclysmic caves where the edges between destruction and creation blur. Bright Light’s Precipice drills to the core of human existence. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Ocelot on a Leash Theater Company
Prudence is the exercise of good decision making. Yet every day, people are making bad decisions. In Prudence, stranger’s lives are forever altered by each other's decisions, good and bad. Kara is waiting, Sandy is jogging, Richard is saving the world, and Michael is about to ruin someone else’s plans. **Please Note** Times have changed for Prudence.
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
Punchline! is a completely improvised show first created at Chicago’s legendary iO Theater. Utilizing some of Philly’s most talented improvisers, the show relies on the group mind aspect of improv for its organic transitions, scene initiations, and character development to create a very fun, very different improv experience.
Questioning Drive
Project ALT
Circus artists and dancers Christine Morano and Erica Saben (The Give and Take Jugglers) display a series of works in progress exploring the motivation behind movement. Questioning what makes a skill an art form or simply a trick, this show merges traditional objects with nontraditional movement vocabularies on the ground and in the air.
Release: Vijay Iyer Live  Live Arts
Vijay Iyer
“Pianist Vijay Iyer['s] keyboard prowess and epic vision place him in a category by himself among jazz soloists.” Chicago Tribune Live Arts and the Eastern State Penitentiary co-present a concert by jazz composer and pianist Vijay Iyer. Iyer will play in conjunction with the ongoing film installation Release, for which Iyer composed the music.
Romeo and Juliet  Live Arts
Nature Theater of Oklahoma
Hello. Can you tell me the story of Romeo and Juliet? A series of phone calls were placed to people who were asked to tell, in their own words, the story of Romeo and Juliet. But no one seemed to exactly remember the plot.
Rookie Card: Too Big For Our Britches
Rookie Card
Rookie Card shows off its reputation as Philadelphia's most unconventional improv group. With their fast-paced and subversive style, no cow is too sacred to tip over, slaughter, and devour. Sometimes uncomfortable, always unpredictable, it’s comedy you’ll be sure to remember. Come laugh at the shocking, unscripted mayhem of Rookie Card.
Rosa de la Alhambra
Duende Flamenco Fusion Band
Inspired by Washington Irving’s Tales of the Alhambra and the gypsy-themed poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca, Duende Flamenco Fusion illuminates the history and folklore of flamenco in Spain, from its multicultural medieval past up to the present, with a captivating mix of music, dance, and storytelling.
Sanctuary  Live Arts
Brian Sanders' JUNK
This is where the lost take charge. Take a wall fourteen feet high and one hundred and twenty feet long and make it into a stage. This is the set for Sanctuary, a dance of intense movement, ritual, and mistaken assumptions about the past from celebrated choreographer and Festival favorite Brian Sanders. Sometime in the future, a group of people inhabit a blown out, old industrial architectural relic from the past.
Saucy Biblical Tales
One Percent Productions
Sexual slavery. Incest. Adultery. Where would you find these things? The Middle East? The Republican Convention? Well, maybe you’re right, but you will also find them in the Bible. Join Father Rufus as he explores stories in the Bible that weren't covered in religion class in Saucy Biblical Tales!
The ladies who brought SimpLaFire (2009) present a show that literally sets the stage on fire! Top avant-garde female artists and musicians integrate fire with dance, acrobatics, flow-arts, and sculptures to create a mind-blowing multisensory experience.
Seal Moon
Rocky and Friends
A grey seal becomes both a metaphor for loss and a means of redemption in this story of a family's silence and the dance workshop on a California beach that ended it. Using poetry, sign-language, music, and movement, Wilson honors a brother it took him over 30 years to acknowledge.
Quinn Compositions
Sephro, a fantasy opera, uses the healing power of music, the universal language, to take us on a journey of the great mystical mysteries of life, love, death, salvation, and transformation. When a coven of pagan witches unite with beings from another planet, divine spirituality of mankind triumphs over evil.
Signs from God
The Porch Room
A frustrated satellite TV salesman discovers a revolutionary business in a sign maker who can deliver personalized messages from God. What is the cost of selling the impossible? A new play from Pete Barry and J. Michael DeAngelis, winners of the 2009 Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival.
Song for Ugly Voices
Possibility Productions
A group of local actors set out to learn more about Philadelphia by rooting through its trash. What starts as an exploration through the discarded remnants of our culture becomes a poignant, heartbreaking, and often hilarious journey of self-discovery, performed on a set comprised entirely of found objects. **Please Note** All performances for Song for Ugly Voices have been canceled.
Lawrence-Herchenroether Dance Company
Four dancers soaked in water meet the decaying space of a historic 1900s power plant. Tori Lawrence has choreographed a distinct piece that explores the deep connections between water and movement. Source reveals the mysterious, unspoken bond shared among four women through a poetic language of movement, film, costume, and space.
Sarah Mitteldorf
A group of circus artists, dancers, and actors exploring how human limitation really is human potential. Fully human. Because, when we reach that point, even without tipping, we spill out our artistry, our own connected identity. Stories about people facing the bounds of their own existence. We want to spill.
SS Elisabeth
Gerhardus van Wilgen
The SS Elisabeth was a small steamer hauling passengers and parcels from New England to the Carolinas in 1870. Its battered crew and traumatized passengers are on display in the Independence Seaport Museum. Through interaction and dialogue the audience will discover what happened before it sank. The exhibition is ongoing from 6pm to 9:30pm on both nights.
Statements After an Arrest Under the Immorality Act
DysFUNctional Theater
Private lives invaded, exposed, illuminated. In a frightening dystopia that may be apartheid-era South Africa, a black man and a white woman risk the dangers of illegal love. Shocking, powerful. The personal is political.
Stew and The Negro Problem  Live Arts
Led by Stew and Obie award-winning Heidi Rodewald, this Afro Baroque cabaret ensemble is coveted for their literate precision, sly humor, and deep emotional resonance, hovering between the divergent worlds of rock and theater.
Super Heroes Who Are Super!
Plays & Players
Super Heroes Who Are Super! returns with word-for-word staged readings of classic comics featuring the best in superhero costumes and "special" effects! Will the Hulk smash? Will Batman have that ridiculously gravelly voice? Find out! Check out our special Hear Again Radio Project crossovers for double the fun! To read blog articles about this show, click here.
TAKES  Live Arts
Nichole Canuso Dance Company
Enter a genre-bending exploration of dance, video installation, and film. Within a large cube wrapped in semi-transparent screens two dancers perform fragments from their lives. Captured by multiple video cameras, their actions are woven into an elaborate reel of "takes," and projected back onto the screens as large black-and-white films.
TAKES Daytime Installation  Live Arts
Nichole Canuso Dance Company
By day, visit the TAKES performance space, and following instructions spoken through an iPod, perform your own short duet within the cube. Sign up for a 15-minute slot for two and you will soon see yourself amidst the maze of images projected on the screens. You can come to the space at any time to observe, but you must reserve (see "Showtimes" section below) for your slot to partake in the interactive portion.
Found Theater
What does it mean to tell a story? What lies behind the lines and verses we know so well? From the creators of Something with Wings (Philly Fringe, 2009) comes Tales, a thought-provoking journey through a modern version of ancient Rome that investigates and challenges the conventions of storytelling.
Kenneth John McGregor
An in-depth, no-holds-barred voyeur's look into an acting class. Have you ever wondered how actors learn to do what they do? Ever wonder if you have what it takes? A powerful multimedia journey—sometimes funny, sometimes tragic—into the heart of the beast. Dare ya.
Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat has returned with a new experiment that takes place at the intersection of spontaneous generation and suspended animation. That's when HE enters with a story as old as fishing. Here, reality is speculative, meaning is decorative, and being out of your depth can be a good thing.
The Association for Creative Zoology
Hokes Archives
Was God the first collage artist? Does God have a sense of humor? Duck-billed platypuses, centaurs, and chimeras answer “Yes!” according to artist Beauvais Lyons. Lyons will present prints, taxidermy, and fossils as evidence for weird evolution in a performance of his fanciful Association for Creative Zoology.
The Crowded House
The Barnstormers
Family-friendly fun at the Philly Fringe! Based on a traditional tale, this original children's opera features a poor family helped by a good witch, along with a stage full of animals, all singing and dancing to music that will delight the child in everyone. One Fringe event the kids will love!
the evolution of this moment
Stuff of Us
Do you ever wonder what brought you to this moment? How you discovered the best way to tie your shoes? When that shirt became your favorite? We do. Join us as we use movement and film to capture the essence of the moments that have shaped us.
The Gangster Chronicles
The Theater Cooperative
Crime and mayhem! Who Killed Jimmy Hoffa? offers a surprising answer to the most famous unsolved murder in American history—and the Kennedy assassination too. In Sauna, four gangsters find themselves unexpectedly on the hot seat. Will anybody get out alive? Directed by Gerald van Wilgen for the Theater Cooperative.
The Improvised Soap Opera
Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)
Love triangles, interrupted weddings, hourglasses—how was this ever the stuff of drama? Soap operas have been asking for it since Guiding Light, and now PHIT’s crew of young and restless improvisers are ready to skewer your sacred daytime stories—unless they’re blackmailed by an evil twin or develop amnesia.
"The Initiative" plus excerpts from “Nightmare Returns"
pillardance company
pillardance company presents The Initiative, a music-driven collection of works with refreshing choreography and some killer dancing. Soundtrack by Slipknot, Fiona Apple, and Tom Gabel, among others. Also presenting excerpts from Nightmare Returns, our abnormal and eerie upcoming holiday show based on The Nightmare Before Christmas.
The Jane Goodall: Experience
Hyphen - Nation Arts
I implore you to join me for a lecture about chimpanzees and all the beauty that is Africa. In this most peculiar drag parody, I shall reveal the most alarming secrets—still a few unbeknownst to me! A jolly-good show that only an audience of wild apes could enjoy! To read blog articles about this show, click here.
The Madwoman of Chaillot
The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium
A ragtag band of Parisian café habitués battle a diabolical oil cabal in this poetic, deliciously comic (and frighteningly contemporary) French fable. This luscious, witty tea party in the twilight zone features 15 actors playing 25 characters. The IRC: We Bring Good Nothingness to Life.
The Marriage of Figaro: The Las Vegas Version
Poor Richard's Opera
Move over, Da Ponte. Ever wonder what a Mozart opera would sound like in 1960s Las Vegas? Even if you haven't, come find out! Classical meets kitsch in the Philadelphia premiere of DC writers Elizabeth Pringle and Bari Biern's original libretto and lyrics matched with Mozart's timeless music.
The Merry Devil of Edmonton
Bad Quarto Productions/Mary Baldwin College
Peter Fabell sold his soul for magical powers, but not his heart, and he may find tricking the devil is easy compared to outwitting a father hell-bent on making his daughter a nun. This 1603 romantic comedy was originally performed at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Can a Renaissance necromancer find true romance?
The New & Improved Stages of Grief
Mary Carpenter
Mary Carpenter’s (Second City, ComedySportz, 1812) solo show is a hilarious ride on the roller coaster of grief. From condolence cards to funeral fashion and beyond, she guides you through the often perilous, always surprising and laugh-out-loud funny path from woe to wonder.
The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as performed by the Inmates of the Asylum...
When a charismatic leader promises change, people want immediate satisfaction—or blood will run. In one of the most controversial plays ever written, EgoPo recreates the French Revolution in West Philly’s breathtaking Rotunda. Enter the bloody world of the Marquis De Sade where musicians, dancers, and asylum inmates run the show. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
The Play "Ben"
Historical Theatre Acting Group
World premiere - African American playwright Richard C. Dalton’s poignant, humorous examination of the delicate balancing of the important issues of slavery, women's rights and independence. Featuring Ben Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock and Thomas Paine, joined by the extraordinary Abigail Adams and Franklin’s personal slave, George.
The Real Housewives of South Philly
The Waitstaff
The Waitstaff, "Philadelphia's hottest sketch comedy troupe" (Philadelphia Inquirer), skewers its eighth Fringe festival in a breathtaking sketch-a-thon starring the Real Housewives of South Philly. Domenick Scudera directs the show which features big hair, big laughs, and the first-ever appearance of the Real House Husbands! To read blog articles about this show, click here.
The Requisite Movers
Join Deneane Richburg and FlyGround’s Lela Aisha Jones on a movement excursion. FlyGround’s Street Grace dissects and merges TransAfro movement cultures in the US and beyond, while lusciously smearing in contemporary modern movement experiences of release. Richburg examines the act of moving above, beneath, through, and at times despite opposing socio-cultural currents.
The Rocky Horror Show
Allison Garrett
Richard O'Brien's classic cross-dressing, time-warping odyssey as you've never experienced it before. Fresh, edgy, and exciting, The Rocky Horror Show is a lipstick-and-horror-infused can't miss at this year's Fringe! **Please Note** Dates & times for The Rocky Horror Show have changed to those listed below.
The Search for Samuel's Love
Ramey and Ramey Productions
Twenty-minute stage play followed by talk-back session. One actor in Philadelphia and three others meet live via internet conferencing for a unique blend of interactive humor seen nowhere else. The story: three women meet to discuss their one true love, too little, too late.
The Seat
MCCC Drama Club
Philly native musician Cecil has always had trouble with relationships. Thankfully his friend George has been there all along. Cecil’s music is on the rise and he’s just met a new girl named Colleen. Everything’s going great in Cecil’s life. Yup, everything.
The Sun Also Rises (The Select) based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway  Live Arts
Elevator Repair Service
You’re an expatriate. You drink yourself to death. You become obsessed by sex. . . . Sounds like a swell life. Travel 1920s Europe with a group of weary, aimless, and frequently inebriated American ex-patriates searching for identity, redemption, and diversion.
The Tell-Tale Heart
Nevermore Theater Project
Creepy, darkly comic, and suspenseful, this faithful, word-for-word stage realization of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic short story stars Barrymore Award winning actor John Zak in a chilling portrayal of a man on the brink of insanity. Conceived for the stage and directed by Domenick Scudera. Admission to this performance does not include admission to the Mütter Museum.
The Waiting Room
Green Light Arts
Waiting rooms stink. Unless you’re in Green Light's Waiting Room, waiting to explore the feminine principles that nurture the world. Join us and be part of the most exciting ensemble of women artists in Philly. We promise that you’ve never been in a waiting room like ours.
This Art Burning
Ellen Fishman-Johnson
This Art Burning is a staged performance featuring new explorations in setting poetry through video, spoken word, musical accompaniment, opera, and song. This multimedia event brings together a group of collaborations between two distinguished award-winning artists, composer and new media artist Ellen Fishman-Johnson and poet Michael Heller.
Thom Pain (based on nothing)
Luna Theater Company
He's just like you, except worse. He's trying to save his life, to save your life—in that order. In his quest for salvation, he'll stop at nothing, be distracted by nothing, except maybe a piece of lint, or the woman in the second row. "Small Masterpiece!" (New York Times)
Tiny Dynamite
Kapow Productions
From the producers of last year's Dumb Show comes the hit of the Edinburgh Fringe. Abi Morgan's play tells the extraordinary story of two damaged men, one lost woman, and why, if you wear rubber boots all your life, you will never feel the crackle of electricity in your heart. **Please Note** The runtime for this show has changed from 70min to 105min.
Titus Andronicus
Plays & Players
Murder. Dismemberment. Cannibalism. Shakespeare’s bloodiest tragedy from Plays & Players, who gave you Zombie! The Musical and William Shakespeare’s Land of the Dead. Retired general Titus Andronicus finds the intrigue of a crumbling empire even more dangerous than war. His loyalty betrayed, he has no choice but to exact revenge.
Tongue & Groove
Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater
This unique ensemble spontaneously creates one-of-a-kind seriocomic theater pieces inspired by texts, emails, and other personal information provided anonymously by the audience. “These skilled actors create genuine, complex, unscripted relationships . . . both hilarious and painful . . . anchored by a delicate clarity, and more moving than the best scripted plays." (City Paper)
Unraveling the Lace
Blind Faith Project and Maria Urrutia
Unraveling the Lace illuminates women and their battles with societal oppression in the early 1900s. Movement metaphors are used to explore picketing, persecution, and the marital meat market. Two distinct works produced by Blind Faith Project’s artistic directors Tiffany Delio and Daniela Galdi and independent artist Maria Urrutia.
Untitled Project #213
Jenn Rose/Steve Pacek/Dan Kazemi
Untitled Project #213 is a sad clown, and the fascination of a psychiatrist who is studying mutes. But what makes #213 so sad, and is happiness still possible? The journey for answers travels through memories of dance, music, poetry, images, and emotion to a time before his words went missing.
Utopia in Four Movements
Sam Green
Utopia in Four Movements is Academy Award nominated documentarian Sam Green’s unique hybrid of film and live performance. Featuring live narration from Green and musical accompaniment by Dave Cerf, Utopia investigates humanity’s impulses toward achieving an ideal world, from the history of Esperanto to glimpses at the world’s largest mall.
Vamps and Vixens Vaudeville Revue
Studio 1831
Vamps and Vixens Vaudeville Revue is a fun-filled romp with the songstresses, sirens, and sexpots of yesterday. In the spirit of cabaret, burlesque, and show-busyness, a bevy of beauties will slither, strut, sing, and dance to vampish classics by Eartha Kitt, Ruth Brown, Peggy Lee, Marilyn Monroe, and more!
Verbalized Ink
Andre Jones
Rise and Walk Theater Company Presents Verbalized Ink, a poetic journey of five people who reveal their truth about sadness, joy, pain, fear, and struggle as they experience life. Come hear the stories of Pops, Alicia, Antonio, Victor, and Albert as they intertwine, prick your consciousness, and reveal intimate secrets. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Wawapalooza 4: Damaged Goods
Come celebrate the imperfect in a theatrical comedy event that features short films, plays, and artwork that parodies environmentalists, mustaches, Taser victims, sex, vegans, and awkward run-ins with exes in Wawa. Each ticket comes with one FREE drink. "A fun and cheap date." (AOL Travel) "Terrifically abnormal." (City Paper) To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Week Between The Holidays
Philadelphia Performance Project
Christmas comes unwrapped when a snowstorm traps a battling couple, their grown children, and guests in their house for the holidays with some big secrets. Snow piles up, glasses are drained, and everything seems possible. Laughter and longing abound in this world premiere musical comedy about love, sex, and redemption.
When Lilacs Last
Tony Devaney Morinelli
A hard-hitting confrontation: two promising young men struggle with abusive fathers, sexual orientation, and bigotry while coming of age. Set against poetry of Walt Whitman, a searing experience of devastation—innocence and desire overwhelmed by ignorance and brutality. Venue is located off of the Bryn Mawr stop of the Septa R5 line.
Whose City?
Media Mobilizing Project Art & Culture Collective
Whose city is Philadelphia? Is it the downtown or the neighborhoods, the corporations in skyscrapers, or the families in row homes? Whose City? is a collage of visual art, poetry, and music presenting the struggle for Philadelphia by people who live, work, and play here.
Why Can't Zanni Read?
It’s well known that Zanni is an idiot, but could he be getting smarter? No, that’s impossible, right? A simple mistake snowballs into a cataclysm of misunderstandings, music, violence, and hilarity. Watch as The Averagazzi create traditional commedia dell'arte, an Italian Renaissance masked slapstick theater, for modern audiences.
Winnipeg Babysitter
Daniel Barrow
From the late 70s through the 80s, Winnipeg, Canada experienced a golden age of public access television. Anyone with a creative dream, concept, or politic was on the air. Winnipeg Babysitter, artist Daniel Barrow’s live video and performance project, traces these unique vignettes from a brief synapse in broadcasting history.
Yes To Live; Yes To Love
Dette Glashouwer
In her new show, Dette Glashouer will gently explode your sense of reality. Weaving her personal story with historical facts, she transforms the audience into a single emotion. Whether it is a yes to life or the tenderness of a love lost, she will be your guide into humanity.
You Are Me
Rose Luardo and Joanna S. Quigley
Internal Landscapes / Group Feelings 5 c. Human Beings 1/4 TBSP free associative theatrics 1 oz. meow mameow 2 wigs (diced) Fold in commonalities and dissidents. Let ingredients congeal for 45 minutes. **Please Note** Run Time and Ticket Price for You Are Me have changed.
ZACHERLE a prequel to the last mummer
Rick Horner and Wally Zialcita
My house is quiet. My child is asleep. When I was her age, I was afraid of the dark. But I know my purpose now. I carry it on my shoulders. I have it in my fingertips. Things will be different for her, and I will be the last. **Please Note** ZACHERLE is a Theater show. Not a Comedy/Improv show. To read blog articles about this show, click here.
Zombies Are Forever
Rainbow Destroyer
Zombies! Unicorns! Glitter! Blood! Peek into the lives of everyone's favorite zombie-pop duo as Rainbow Destroyer invites you to an open audition. Come as you are—mortal or undead—and ready for a night of karaoke debauchery. Do you have what it takes to be larger than death? To read blog article about this show, click here.