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Funding for the development of 99 BREAKUPS has been provided in part by the Independence Foundation New Theatre Works Initiative; by the Charlotte Cushman Foundation; and by the William Penn Foundation.

Festival Star Producers
Festival Executive Producers
Festival Producer
Festival Co-Producers

Alan and Nancy Hirsig
Thomas and Carol Beam
Robert Dever
Cat, Annie & Steven Bohnenberger
Ira Brind and Stacey Spector
Michael and Elisabeth Kalogris


Pig Iron Theatre Company (Philadelphia)

"One of the few groups successfully taking theater in new directions."
The New York Times

Nothing is ordinary.

A cast of twenty-two create dramas throughout the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in this theatrical—and scientific—look at endings, exits, and disintegrations that break out in public spaces. 99 BREAKUPS takes on all kinds of breakups: couples, bands, friendships, perhaps even blood cells, inviting audiences to witness close up what they're supposed to look away from. Experience all the humor, heartbreak, and insanity of private moments on public display.

Collaborators include writer Kirk Lynn of the Austin-based theater group Rude Mechanicals and choreographer Dayna Hanson, formerly of the Seattle-based 33 Fainting Spells.

Previous Festival shows include: Pay Up (2013), Zero Cost House (2012), Twelfth Night, or What You Will (2011), Cankerblossom (2010), and Welcome to Yuba City (2009).

Pennsylavania Academy of the Fine Arts
118 N Broad St (between Arch St and Race St)

Sept 4 at 7pm (preview)
Sept 5 at 6:30pm (opening)
Sept 5 at 9pm
Sept 6 at 6:30pm
Sept 6 at 9pm
Sept 7 at 7pm
Sept 9 at 7pm
Sept 10 at 6:30pm
Sept 10 at 9pm
Sept 14 at 6:30pm
Sept 14 at 9pm
Sept 15 at 8pm
Sept 16 at 6:30pm
Sept 16 at 9pm

Photo by TMitchell

The presentation of 100% Philadelphia was made possible in part by PNC Arts Alive.

Festival Star Producer
Festival Executive Producer

Festival Producers
Festival Assistant Producer

Suzanne F. Roberts Cultural Development Fund
The Virginia Brown Martin Fund
of the Philadelphia Foundation
Holly and David Stichka
Liza Herzog

100% Philadelphia

Rimini Protokoll (Germany)

"The delight of the show rests in its techniques: overhead cameras show participants forming giant pie charts, voting with torch lights in secret ballots, or forming color-coded graphs in answer to political and personal questions."
Peter Crawley, The Irish Times

When statistics are given faces.

How many of us are teachers, top earners, unemployed? How many have saved a life, held a gun, expect to die within a year? Join us at the 2014 Fringe Festival for an unforgettable experience that's part-theater, part-data analysis — and 100 percent Philadelphia. Developed in collaboration with FringeArts, German artist collective Rimini Protokoll's 100% Philadelphia will bring 100 carefully selected Philadelphia citizens (non-actors) onstage to represent the city's population of 1.5 million and our unique demographic imprint: More than 40 cast members will be African-American, half will be women, approximately 20 will be children — and that's just the beginning. At times funny, uplifting and strikingly dramatic, 100% Philadelphia is always enlightening, a mirror of ourselves that will forever change the way we see our friends, neighbors, and strangers on the street. To encourage all Philadelphians to participate, tickets to this extraordinary event will be pay-what-you-wish.

Temple Performing Arts Center
1837 N Broad St (between Montgomery Ave and Norris St)

Sept 19 at 7pm
Sept 20 at 7pm
Sept 21 at 3pm

Photo © www.plate3photography.com


The Adults has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage and by the National Endowment for the Arts. The Adults was developed, in part with the support of The Orchard Project, a program of the Exchange (2013), and the White Pines Resident Ensemble Program (2013).

The Adults

New Paradise Laboratories (Philadelphia)

"Beautiful physical theater."
Howard Shapiro, The Philadelphia Inquirer

A family vacation to hell.

This is no run-of-the-mill vacation. Veteran and next-generation New Paradise Laboratories cast members come together to present the world premiere of The Adults, a multi-family vacation that takes an unexpected turn when adults start behaving badly. Influenced by Anton Chekhov and the paintings of Eric Fischl and set to a score by local experimental composer Bhob Rainey, The Adults is a highly physical show that explores intimate cruelty and shifting emotional landscapes.

Previous Festival shows include: 27 (2012), Extremely Public Displays Of Privacy (2011), Freedom Club (2010), and Fatebook (2009)

Painted Bride Art Center
230 Vine St (between 2nd St and 3rd St)

Sept 3 at 8pm (Preview)
Sept 4 at 8pm (Preview)
Sept 5 at 8pm (Opening)
Sept 6 at 2pm
Sept 6 at 6pm
Sept 7 at 2pm
Sept 7 at 6pm
Sept 10 at 6pm
Sept 11 at 6pm
Sept 12 at 6pm
Sept 12 at 10pm
Sept 13 at 2pm
Sept 13 at 6pm
Sept 14 at 2pm
Sept 14 at 6pm

Festival Producers

David Seltzer and Lisa Roberts
Carol Klein and Lawrence Spitz
Tobey and Mark Dichter

Photo by Bengt Gustafsson

The presentation of Antigone Sr. was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Antigone Sr./Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (L)

Trajal Harrell (New York City)

"Yes, here is the Judson Church legacy, and the Harlem ball legacy. But this, finally, is the House of Harrell."
Claudia La Rocco, The New York Times

Dance meets drag. Antigone is in the house, bitch.

Greek drama meets 1960s postmodern New York dance meets the 1980s Harlem vogue scene in this inventive, humorous and entertaining dance performance choreographed by New York-based, queer, African-American dancer/choreographer Trajal Harrell. Featuring an all-male cast.

140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)

Sept 12 at 7pm
Sept 13 at 7pm

Festival Co-Producers

Nancy Lanham
Elizabeth H. Gemmill

Photo © www.plate3photography.com

Festival Producers
Festival Co-Producers

Edward and Anne Wagner
Gene Bishop and Andrew Stone

Experiment #39

The Institute for Psychogeographic Adventure (New York City)

"The IPA may be on to something: Do what you like and like what you do."
David Finkle, Huffington Post

Prepare yourself for a most unusual walking tour.

Wander down alleys, sneak through doorways, dance atop rooftops . . . this sneakily guided adventure transforms Philadelphia's oldest neighborhood into a giant stage. Fill out a psychological survey and then embark on a personalized journey through the streets and architecture of Old City. Sixty strategically placed artists and residents surprise you with performances, "chance" encounters, and moments of serendipity, taking you from reality into a world of dream-like possibilities.

Make an appointment. Wear comfortable shoes. Join the adventure.

Sept 6 + 7 ongoing 11:30am–4:30pm

A new performance begins every 15 minutes. Four audience members per show. Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled show time.

Sept 6 at 11:30am
Sept 6 at 11:45am
Sept 6 at 12pm
Sept 6 at 12:15pm
Sept 6 at 12:30pm
Sept 6 at 12:45pm
Sept 6 at 1pm
Sept 6 at 2pm
Sept 6 at 2:15pm
Sept 6 at 2:30pm
Sept 6 at 2:45pm
Sept 6 at 3pm
Sept 6 at 3:15pm
Sept 6 at 3:30pm
Sept 6 at 3:45pm
Sept 7 at 11:30am
Sept 7 at 11:45am
Sept 7 at 12pm
Sept 7 at 12:15pm
Sept 7 at 12:30pm
Sept 7 at 12:45pm
Sept 7 at 1pm
Sept 7 at 2pm
Sept 7 at 2:15pm
Sept 7 at 2:30pm
Sept 7 at 2:45pm
Sept 7 at 3:00pm
Sept 7 at 3:45pm

Photo by Christophe Raynaud de Lage


This presentation of The Four Seasons Restaurant has been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage. This presentation of The Four Seasons Restaurant is also funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Four Seasons Restaurant

Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio (Italy)

"[Castellucci's] pieces are ruthless and demand that you approach them in a state of wonder. You get out in direct proportion to what you put in."

Cut off your tongue.

No quantity is quite so powerful as that which is missing, that force which lurks unseen, that which is unseeable, unknowable. Italian director Romeo Castellucci, widely heralded as an artistic visionary, connects massive black holes to an artist's destruction of his work to a philosopher's suicide, with extremely intense visual displays, frightening soundscapes, and passages of lyrical beauty. The Four Seasons Restaurant takes its inspiration from the commissioned Mark Rothko paintings that never appeared there, and creates an artistic manifestation of the devastating impact of absence on the human psyche.

Previous Festival show: On the Concept of the Face Regarding the Son of God (2013).

23rd Street Armory
22 S 23rd St (between Chestnut St and Market St)

Sept 11 at 8pm
Sept 12 at 8pm
Sept 13 at 8pm

Festival Executive Producers David and Linda Glickstein

Photo by Hunter Canning
Festival Producer Henry S. McNeil, Jr.

In the Pony Palace/FOOTBALL

Half Straddle (New York City)

"A giddily exuberant confection that manages to conjure a distinctively eccentric theatrical world."
Jason Zinoman, The New York Times

High school football gets genderf**ked by an all-female cast.

The girls of the Pony Palace know how to run the spread, cheerleaders still have all the power, and everyone wants to play forever. An all-female and genderqueer cast portrays players, coaches, and cheerleaders and recreates the frenzied intensity of the historically male high school football experience. As the games are played out on stage a live high school band blares out pop songs charging up the fans—and the audience. With humor and genuine feeling, In the Pony Palace/FOOTBALL immerses the audience in the relationships and power dynamics within a team—and explores how young athletes come to place belief and commitment in something bigger than themselves.

Christ Church Neighborhood House
20 N American St (between 2nd St and 3rd St)

Sept 17 at 7pm
Sept 18 at 7pm
Sept 19 at 7pm

Photo by Herman Sorgeloos

The presentation of Rosas Danst Rosas was made possible by the New England Foundation for the Arts' National Dance Project, with lead funding from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

Rosas Danst Rosas

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas (Belgium)

"This work immediately established Ms. De Keersmaeker as a new force on the European contemporary dance scene. It hasn't lost anything of its original power."
The New York Times

The original dance that inspired Beyonce's "Countdown."

Rhythmic complexity, stylized minimalism, and fierce feminism constitute this seminal dance by one of the most influential choreographers of the past thirty years. As contemporary dance finally comes of age, this classic of the form is reintroduced and proves as fiery now as when it debuted in 1983.

140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)

Oct 4 at 7pm
Oct 5 at 2pm

Festival Co-Producers

Arthur Kaplan and R. Duane Perry
Lynne and Bert Strieb

Photo by Antoine Tempé

Festival Co-Producer Nancy Lanham

Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (XS)

Trajal Harrell (New York City)

"Mr. Harrell has discovered a place of unaffected glamour—and with that a new way of seducing the audience."
Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

Twenty-five minutes, twenty-five seats, one dancer.

The smallest performance in Trajal Harrell's acclaimed series of dances, (XS) shines in its concentrated fusion of voguing and postmodern dance. There is no documentation of this work. (XS) exists in the spontaneous connection between one performer, creator Trajal Harrell, and one live audience. (XS), as in extra-small, is the eighth dance in Harrell's series inspired by the question—if someone from the voguing ball scene in 1960s Harlem had ventured downtown to the early postmoderns at Judson Church, what would they have created?

140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)

Sept 9 at 6pm
Sept 9 at 6:45pm
Sept 9 at 7:30pm

Image by Mary Mattingly

Festival Producers Andrew and Bryna Scott


Mary Mattingly (New York City)

Nature lies at the edge of the city. A watery, sinking future.

WetLand is an interactive public art installation, island-based ecosystem, and mobile habitat moored on the Delaware River. During the Festival it will host concerts, workshops, skill shares, and artistic gatherings. WetLand responds to the conditions of a near future, it is a structure designed for a time when people are near the water again, as rivers and oceans overtake our cities and towns. The artist, Mary Mattingly, will live on WetLands for the entirety of its stay. Visit her! Discover this watery urban ecotopia, where art, life on the water, architecture, and environmental technologies are combined.

This project has been funded by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Education Partner: Philadelphia Academies, Inc. Sponsors: Aqua America, AT&T, Delaware River Waterfront Corporation, Door to Door Organics, The Dow Chemical Company, Organic Mechanics, PECO, Puffin Foundation, RAIR, Skidmutro.

Independence Seaport Museum Pier
211 S Columbus Blvd (at Dock St)

Aug 15–Sept 21 ongoing
Click here for more information about free events at WetLand!

Photo by Said Johnson

Festival Co-Producers

Franklin Square Capital Partners, LP
Gail Harrity
Herbert and Sissie Lipton
Jane G. Pepper

What I Learned About Outer Space

A co-creation of the Pennsylvania Ballet, Curtis Institute of Music and FringeArts

Experiments on the frontier of dance.

Three wildly contemporary choreographers create three new experimental dances on the Pennsylvania Ballet's classically trained dancers, with music composed and performed by alumni of the Curtis Institute. A high-stakes artistic dare, the collaboration begins when the dance makers (from Israel, Austria, and Seattle), dancers, and musicians meet each other for the first time, and then create the dances from scratch based on the interactions of their artistry—only three weeks before opening night! Expect a virtuosic, highly creative program of dance unlike any seen before.

Choreographers: Georg Reischl, Zoe Scofield, Itamar Serussi

140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)

Sept 6 at 2pm
Sept 6 at 7pm
Sept 7 at 2pm

Festival Executive Producer
Festival Co-Producer
Tom Lussenhop
Christine Hartwell

White Rabbit Red Rabbit

Nassim Soleimanpour (Iran)

"In a brilliant paradox, Soleimanpour exerts deliberate and near-total control over an actor and an audience from his own isolation in Tehran."
Nelson Pressley, The Washington Post

A different actor at each performance reads for the first (and last) time, the true life story of a young Iranian. Will you really listen?

On stage in a sealed envelope the script awaits as the audience arrives. An actor, who has never read the script, steps on stage and opens the envelope. Now, the audience seated, the actor performs the script for the first—and last—time. And then a carrot, a ladder, a rabbit, a bear, a circus, some poison, a playwright, an actor, and the audience are ensnared in this wild theatrical adventure. Unable to leave his country, Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour created White Rabbit Red Rabbit to travel the world when he couldn't, and speak to audiences in his stead.

Christ Church Neighborhood House
20 N American St (between 2nd St and 3rd St)

Sept 6 at 8pm
Sept 7 at 7pm
Sept 8 at 7pm
Sept 10 at 7pm
Sept 11 at 7pm
Sept 12 at 8pm
Sept 13 at 8pm

140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)

Sept 18 at 8pm
Sept 19 at 8pm
Sept 20 at 5pm
Sept 20 at 8pm
Sept 21 at 3pm

Neighborhood Fringe shows

Comedy & Improv

Salamé Studios – Ben to the Future
The WaitStaff Sketch Comedy Troupe – The Waitstaff Sh*ts the Bed!
The Wingmen – The Wingmen Present: The Neighborhood


Annie Wilson – Lovertits
BalletFleming – After the Summer Sun
BalletX – BalletX at the Bridgette Mayer Gallery
BalletX – BalletX at the Porch
Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre – From Our Living Room
Brian Sanders' JUNK – Suspended
Dancefusion – Concert 2014
Exosphere – Project - Through an Aperture
Gunnar Montana – Resurrection Room
Jasmine Zieroff – The Back Door
Joanne McBride – Broken Road
Katie Horton and artists – the four seasons
Katrina Atkin – aqua.thermal vs. The Selfie
Leah Stein Dance Company – Splice
Megan Flynn & Teresa VanDenend Sorge – Not Your Mother's Moth
Megan Lynn/Asterial Dance and Alyson Laury Dance Company – Transference
MM2 Modern Dance Company – BREATH
New Street Dance Group – Another Word For Missing
Other Case Notes Ensemble – (re)visions
PhysiKal Bodies – Capture
RealLivePeople – Would I Lie to You?
The Naked Stark – Necessary Efforts
The Rock School for Dance Education – International Dance Stars


REV Theatre Company – The Way Of All Flesh (Show): A Graveyard Cabaret


Amancay Candal Tribe, Hilary Pierce, Claire Pitts – 2 For 1: Elementals in Motion & More Nothing More
AntiGravity Theatre Project – Nellie/Nellie
Curated by flandrew fleisenberg and Loren Groenendaal – The H-O-T Series of Philadelphia
Factory Productions featuring Ann Artist – Through the Glass Ceiling
Fania Maria Tsakalakos – Reinventing Fania (a work in progress)
Grace Mi-He Lee and Leslie Elkins – What Narwhals Talk About When They Talk About Love
Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theater – #shamanicinterfaces
InVersion Theatre – Mirroring Sky – A Soundscape
More Than a Dime Ensemble – Yip and Al
Rocky Wilson – What Good Has Come Out of Camden?
SHADOW Company – _________ Vs. _________
Shechinah, Inc – Kabbalah: The Musical!
Skowmon Hastanan, Joel Holub, Jeffrey Gottesfeld, Theodore Kersten, Leesa Abahuni and friends – Borneo Odyssey
Spiral Nexus – Project Reclamation
Tangle Movement Arts – Loop


A Change of Harp – 14 Sequenzas
Children's Opera Box – Hansel and Gretel
Movin' Melvin Brown – The Ray Charles Experience – Live!
Philly Local IMPACT Live! – Philly Local IMPACT Live!
The Xtreme Folk Scene – Philly Song Shuffle
Ziya – Paradox

Spoken Word

34th Street Poets – Graveyard Voices
Brian Kelly – The Story of You
Joey Novick – Comedian Elected to Town Council in New Jersey


1812 Productions – Intimate Exchanges
A Plague On Both Your Houses – Mad Blood and Other Beauties
Aaron Cromie and Mary Tuomanen – The Body Lautrec
Aleksandra Berczynski & MB Grupa Realizacji – Closure
Andrea Kuchlewska & Harmony Stempel – Human Fruit Bowl
Apocalypse Club – Safe Space
Bloom & Fly Theatre Company – Wendy and Peter
Blue Suede Productions – The Last Five Years
Brandon Monokian – Peter Pan Is Dead
Bri Shaw / Brian Clores / Brey Barrett / Haygen Walker – Nightmares in Neverland
Brian Shapiro – It Was All Downhill After Fleetwood Mac
Butter & Serve – V
Chris Davis – Anna K
Chris Richards – Chalkboard Artists
Colie McClellan & Mark Kennedy – They Call Me Arethusa
David DelBianco – Broken People
Dretwin Productions – Women Un Plugged
Drexel Players – AE$OP
Emily Schuman – Fando y Lis by Fernando Arrabal (a new translation)
ETC Theater – #(hashtag)
Exclamation Theater, Inc. – "...the rags of time': J. Robert Oppenheimer"
Fantasy Weavers – Sephro: Earth's Revenge
Foreverlore – Skin In The Game
Found Theater Company – Deep Blue Sleep
Frank Perri – Double Batman
Greg Kennedy, Innovative Juggler – Theorem
Hannah Van Sciver – Marbles
Headlong Dance Theater and University of the Arts – (some) LOVE AND (some) INFORMATION
iNtuitions Experimental Theatre – Alternative Theatre Festival
IShowNY Productions & Yajaira Paredes – Passport by Gustavo Ott
John Schultz – Till Birnam Wood...
Kaleid Theatre – No Place Like
Kim Coles / Dir. Scotch Ellis Loring – Kim Coles: Oh, But Wait... There's More!
Laurencio Ruiz – Incongruous
Leila and Pantea Productions – Broken Wing
Manayunk Theatre Company – Splatter
Night Hawks – Poe-a-thon
Ombelico Mask Ensemble – Flim Flam Phantom Sham
OneTaste Philly – The Orgasm Chronicles
Peter Michael Marino – Desperately Seeking the Exit
Philadelphia Artists' Collective – The Rape of Lucrece
Philadelphia Experimental Theatre Ensemble – Living in Exile: A retelling of the Iliad
Philadelphia Opera Collective – By You That Made Me, Frankenstein
Plays & Players – The Disappearing Quarterback
Poor Richard's Opera – Speed Dating TONIGHT!
Power Street Theatre – Morir Sonyando
Revolution Shakespeare & Hear Again Radio Project – Kill Shakespeare: Live Graphic Novel
RHolt Productions – Sisters of Ellery Hollow by Stephen Spotswood
Run Boy Run Productions – Underground Episodes
Saint Mad – Mount Airy Home Companion
Seth Reichgott – Stand Back I'm Gonna Uke: An Evening of Old-Timey Music
Silver Stage Company – By the Way, Meet Vera Stark
SmokeyScout Productions – SLIDESHOW
Susan Chase – Susan's Undoing
Temple Theaters – Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
The Idiopathic Ridiculopathy Consortium – Eugène Ionesco's Rhinoceros
The Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre – iHamlet
The Renegade Company – The Hunchback of Notre Dame...A Mute Play
The University of the Arts – We Are Proud to Present
Tongue & Groove Spontaneous Theater – Tongue & Groove
Tribe of Fools – Two Street – A Tale of Star Crossed Mummers
Truth Be Told Productions – BENT
Two Ducks Theatre Company – Rainbowtown
Underbite Theater Company – Snyder v. Phelps, an original musical
Van.Martin Productions – Oedipus The Musical
Wild Plum Productions – The Yellow Wallpaper

Visual Art

Artist Krie Alden of KrieArt – Untitled: What You See or What Do You See
Linda Dubin Garfield – Best Friends

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