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Produced by Y2D Productions in association with Chamäleon Productions

"An eye-teasing, grin-inducing, deeply impressive work of sustained absurdist magic."
Time Out New York

"Since my early days, when watching Fred Astaire dancing on the ceiling in The Royal Wedding, I was fascinated by gravity-defying optical trickeries."
Tobias Wegner, co-creator of LEO

Arts Bank at The University of the Arts
601 South Broad Street (at South Street) (map)

$29 / Members save 30%
Student + 25-and-under tickets $20

65 minutes

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Show credits

Direction Daniel Brière
Creative Producer Greg Parks
Original Idea by Tobias Wegner
Choreography Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola
Animation Ingo Panke
Video Design Heiko Kalmbach
Set and Lighting Flavia Hevia
Performed by William Bonnet

Photos: Andy Phillipson


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140 N Columbus Blvd (at Race St)
Philadelphia, PA 19106

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